Account holder user guide

This guide is designed to help you understand how our licence plate recognition (LPR) system works and answer some of the frequently asked questions new users have.

How it works

The system scans and processes your vehicle’s licence plate each time you arrive at an entry or exit barrier. The system recognises that your licence plate is registered as an account holder and opens the barrier arm. This means there is no need to display permits or have access cards and you can just drive in and out hassle free!

Tips for use

The LPR system works exceptionally well with a 99.9% accuracy rate. Unfortunately that does mean from time-to-time it may misread licence plates. These tips will help ensure you are not the unlucky one!

  • Turn off your headlights when approaching the barrier
  • Slow down before approaching the barrier arm
  • Leave space between your vehicle and the vehicle in front
  • Keep your licence plates clean

  • FAQ’s

    How many vehicles can I register on my account?
    There is no limit on the number of vehicles which can be registered on your account. We recommend to keep the number accurate and to a minimum to avoid any issue with vehicles using your account when they are not supposed to.

    How do I add or remove vehicles from my account?
    Vehicles can be easily added or removed from your account by signing in to your online account(1). Vehicles must be added before they enter the car park building.

    What if my vehicle is already in the car park before it is registered to my account?
    In order to add a vehicle to your account after it has already entered the car park you must contact a member of the Primeparking team during normal business hours.

    What if my vehicle is already in the car park before it is registered to my account?
    Yes! Just add it to your account like any other vehicle and then remove it once you have finished using it.

    Am I able to park an extra registered vehicle after my account limit(2) has been reached?
    Yes! The account works on a first come, first served basis until the account limit is reached. Any registered vehicle that enters after the account limit has been reached needs to pay for casual parking for the duration of their stay. This can be done either at the pay kiosks or online.

    How can I use the car park without using the account?
    After you park your vehicle go to the pay kiosk and enter your vehicle’s licence plate. You can then select the ‘Opt to pay’ option which will free up a space on your account for another registered vehicle. You can either choose to pay for your parking then or at the end of your stay.

    1. Online account - This is your online access where you can edit your account details, registered vehicles and pay for any extra parking charges.

    2. Account limit - This is the number of vehicles permitted to use your account at the same time; e.g. if you lease one car park your account limit is one.

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